Student Acommodation

The Feenstra Group is one of the pioneers and market leaders in South Africa. Our team has extensive experience in the design, development and management of student accommodation. Our portfolio is one of the largest in South Africa with circa 5000 beds and consist of purpose-built student accommodation in various cities.

Internationally, we have also successfully developed a portfolio of purpose-built student accommodation in Australia. We pride ourselves on our expertise in the management of student accommodation as well as the life management of students in our buildings.

We have received multiple South African and international awards for our properties. Our portfolio has been rated independently as the best student accommodation portfolio in South Africa.


Inner City Housing

We are one of the leaders in Inner City Housing in the Pretoria precinct and have developed and own over 5000 beds in inner-city accommodation.

Through our CBD Residency subsidiary, we have developed expertise in the design, development and management of these very specialized buildings. We have an in-house management capability to manage the buildings as well as the life inside the buildings. Our tenants include students, young workers. The Feenstra Group’s co-living product is hugely popular among young inner-city dwellers.

For this specialized residential product we have developed various typologies and accommodation types with various common areas and additional facilities to suit this lifestyle.

Commercial Developments

The Feenstra Group has accumulated extensive expertise in the development of large office buildings. Our development expertise exceeds 200,000 m² of prime office buildings including some of the most prestigious as well as some of the most technically complex buildings in South Africa.

Residential Complexes

We have developed multiple residential complexes ranging from 20 units in prestigious developments to up to 250 units in large-scale residential complexes. Our expertise year includes the site selection, design, marketing, development and sale of these developments.

All services from catering laundry medical care and nursing are all provided in-house. We are currently in the design phase of a number of additional such facilities.

Aged Care and Retirement facilities

We have developed and own the Fleurenville age care facility in Montana, Pretoria. This facility is a 200-bed specialized facility developed around the needs of the whole spectrum of age care from assisted living, frail care, high care and including dementia-related services.

All services from catering laundry medical care and nursing are all provided in-house. We are currently in the design phase of a number of additional such facilities.

Property Management

  • We have a specialised and dedicated property management division in the Feenstra Group. All our properties are managed by our specialised teams. Our internal expert teams cover all services relating to property development. The following services are included in our service offering: 
  • Security
  • Cleaning,
  • Maintenance
  • Financial management
  • Environmental management
  • Health and safety
  • Life management
  • Lease management
  • Utility management and all other related services

Strategic Facilities Managers


  • Co-founder of Company that created TFMC (Now Bidvest FM) managed 6 000 properties – all over SA (largest FM portfolio in Southern hemisphere).
  • Co-Created a full FM organisation with 2 000 staff in 6 Regional offices, 700 vehicles.
  • All FM Services; from strategic planning, property development, property optimisation property management, maintenance, IT Systems, soft services , etc.
  • World class service level agreements with advanced IT support.

Dept of Defence

  • Current state due diligence on a major portfolio of 2 000 properties
  • Identified shortcomings which covered all functional areas from projects, maintenance to asset register and devised solutions to create a portfolio to be managed on world class standard.
  • Designed a comprehensive organisation structure for implementation.
  • Identified major value add once cost improvement areas.


  • Created and managed a full once comprehensive FM organisation for a head office complex
  • All services including help desk, maintenance, security, printing services, furniture management, etc.
  • Detailed service level agreements for various categories of services.
  • Full FM Services for 30 000 m² office complexes.
  • Hard and soft services.
  • Energy management, maintenance, tenant fit outs, financial management, reporting, sort services.
  • Comprehensive services levels.


  • Menlyn Corporate Park & Dept of Trade & Industry
  • Manage all aspects of rent collection, financial management, invoicing, maintenance, new developments, soft services.
  • Broad band services, security, energy management.